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Who We Are

Initiated by a group of dedicated Accountants, Grindstone Accountants draws on knowledge and experience from working with start-ups and SMEs operating across a wide array of sectors. We pride ourselves in provision of services which intend to not only take the helm of your tax-affairs but also add value to your business through a variety of services. Tapping into our expertise, we comprehend that one size definitely doesn't fit all. We treat each business taking into consideration its mission, vision, characteristics and nature of the industry it operates within. We ensure that our services are custom-oriented and take a bespoke approach to each assignment.

Deliberating on the era we live in; we believe that it is also significant to consider the impacts of technology on the sector. As Grindstone Accountants, we actively utilise several types of software to streamline accounting processes and ensure we are' Making Tax Digital (MTD)' compliant. Our clients can rest assured that we are up to date with developments and consistently in a bid to make processes more efficient.
Alongside knowing that time may not always be on your side and that e-mail or telephone may be your preferred medium of communication; we do operate an established accounting practice/office at which we are always happy to provide a direct and in-person services for our clients.
We endeavour to do our part for a better future. Grindstone Accountants adheres to principles of sustainability and is in a constant bid to minimise paper wastage and process accounts with minimal paper usage.